Original ICAloe® – 30 Capsules

Original ICAloe® – 30 Capsules

Original ICAloe®
ICAloe® is a specialized blend of Organic Aloe Vera
30 Easy to swallow, Vegetarian Capsules.  (3 caps per serving)

Each serving is our Clinically proven ICAloe blend that goes to work on soothing and comforting the bladder and urinary tract assisting with healing all the horrible burns and lesion within the walls of the bladder.

This formula was discovered by our founder Jill Wood back in 1992. Healthy Life Harvest, with the assistance of biologists and other scientists worked together to assist Jill with her quest to perfect the product over time and testing.
Today  ICAloe is known all over the world and has been a top seller to IC/IBS sufferers for over 30 years.
The ICAloe has been reported to help with IC, IBS, Lupus, Fibro and Spasms in the colon.

$15.45 each

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