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What makes ICAloe so special?
* We scientific lab test EVERY batch. 
* For 30+ years,  
ICAloe® has been created with a proprietary blend
of Organic Aloe Vera, making our 
ICAloe®impossible to duplicate.
* A 92% re-order rate and a double blind study showing it works.
* The 1000’s of trusting people that use our products each month.


Original ICAloe®
"Interstitial Cystitis,
I.B.S. & Much More"
200:1 Ratio
(30 Capsules)

Original ICAloe®
"Interstitial Cystitis,
I.B.S. & Much More"
200:1 Ratio
(90 Capsules)

Original ICAloe®
"Interstitial Cystitis,
I.B.S. & Much More"
200:1 Ratio
(180 Capsules)

3 – Original ICAloe®
"Interstitial Cystitis,
I.B.S. & Much More"
200:1 Ratio
(540 Capsules)
$55.95 per bottle

NEW!! Urinary Tract Formula
ICAloe® fortified with
"Urinary Tract Support"
(60 Capsules)

3- Natural AVC100
ICAloe® fortified with
Vitamin D3;
Calcium & Magnesium
"Bowel & Bladder"
200:1 Ratio
(360 Capsules)
$43.95 per bottle


The Company and its Founder

Jill Wood (Founder): When Jill was in her 20’s she lost both breasts due to breast cancer,  it was this event that started her on a quest to find the answers to her many health issues. Since those days so long ago she has FACED DOWN AND BEATEN; Bone Marrow Cancer, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lupus, Interstitial Cystitis and Fibromyalgia… (Disclaimer:  NO, of course we are not saying these products are a cure for anything, we are just telling the TRUE story of what happened to Jill Wood when she faced these issues and beat them all.  However,  it is true our ICAloe® has been tested and proven to work for Interstitial Cystitis in a double blind study, and it does have a 30 year track record for 1000’s of Interstitial Cystitis victims,  so there is that I suppose.)

Jill Wood

Discovered the "ICAloe" for Interstitial Cystitis in 1991

How ICAloe® was Discovered:
⇒ The founder of Healthy Life Harvest was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in 1992. At a holistic medical symposium in California; After a long hard journey and many doctors telling her it was all in her head; she was led to the discovery of what would be known the world over as ICAloe®.

⇒ Jill Wood is the first woman recorded in history to take ICAloe® for Interstitial Cystitis. This special blend has helped her for over 30 years.

⇒ Jill documented the results of her regimen until she was completely symptom free with no dietary restrictions, and she remains that way to this very day, 30 years later.  (her whole family takes the AVC-100)

 Since that day back in 1992,  Jill founded Healthy Life Harvest to create the best all natural product for those suffering with painful bladder issues, like Interstitial Cystitis. After identifying 300+ species of Aloe Vera; Healthy Life Harvest created a formula that is difficult to duplicate and is what we consider the only product for those suffering with Interstitial Cystitis. 

⇒ Jill Funded a double blind study to verify that ICAloe® would help others the same way it helped her. In the study she discovered that over 87% of the people were helped in some way, you may read the study results below. Since that day, over 30 long years ago, Healthy Life Harvest has created more products to assist Interstitial Cystitis suffers to keep their entire families healthy as well as help with their own Interstitial Cystitis symptoms.

⇒ Healthy Life Harvest and Jill Wood have helped thousands of people from all over the world in the last 30 years with all kinds of health issues.

It’s simple really…

1. Healthy Life Harvest  ICAloe® has 10’s of 1000’s of clients that order year after year.
2. We have a 92% re-order rate on our products.
3. We have 30 years of repeat business.
4. We conducted a double blind study showing an almost 90% success rate.
5. Our founder is the first person in all of history to use ICAloe® for HER OWN Interstitial Cystitis (No other company can make that claim)
6. We own the ICAloe® trademark. We are the one TRUE  ICAloe® for Interstitial Cystitis.  No  B.S. needed.
7. We Lab Test every batch to make sure it is as safe, pure and powerful.
8. For 30 years our 
ICAloe® has been created with a proprietary blend using the correct ratio’s and species of Organic, NON GMO Aloe Vera,
  making our 
ICAloe® one of a kind and impossible to duplicate.



Over 30 Years

Helping Interstitial Cystitis and bladder disorder Customers since 1991.


Only Organic, NON GMO ICAloe® is used in our products.


We OWN the ICAloe® trademark. No other company can claim to be the REAL ICAloe®


The most concentrated formula for Interstitial Cystitis sufferers available.
200:1 Ratio plus
Lab Testing to verify Strength.

There are companies out there bragging about “200:1” ratios and “300:1” ratios; our clients have reported some companies are saying they have a “500:1” ratios!  Ratios mean very little when it comes to how the processed plant actually works on a molecular level in the body,  these “Buzz words” are used to get you to buy, don’t fall for it,  just go with what has been tested and proven to work for over 30 years, Our Healthy Life Harvest ICAloe® blend. We use scientific lab testing on EVERY batch processed. For over 30 years Our ICAloe® has been created with a proprietary blend; using the correct Aloe Vera ratio’s to create a authentic, reliable powder. This very specialized technique is what makes our ICAloe® impossible to duplicate.
Why do we use a proprietary blend when making our
ICAloe?  Now that is a formulation secret that we cannot share unfortunately.  Why?
Well, you see,  just about every Aloe company in the world comes here to learn how to sell their low quality, chemically created 
Aloe Vera to Interstitial Cystitis sufferers.
 After all, we are the people that discovered the ICAloe® and the first, and only, company on the planet to ever sell this special Aloe Vera blend to Interstitial Cystitis sufferers; making us the leading experts on the subject, as well as Aloe Vera experts.
We have seen and heard it all over the last 30 years, from Jills own SISTER trying to take her company from her using legal action when Jill was fighting for her life against cancer, (You can read Jill’s story on this site), to competitors calling us and pretending to be people with Interstitial Cystitis so they can learn what to say when Interstitial Cystitis people call them,  some even claim to be part of our company  and every time we add something to our website most other Aloe Companies copy it.  ( even though this page has a copyright )
YOU know we are the REAL  
ICAloe® ,  many of you have seen us here since day one,  30 years ago. 
People have been using our products year after year for a reason, mainly because they work so well.  But also because of  how we lovingly process our products, carefully blend them and the special species we use to create them, and nobody on the planet has the same ICAloe® 
we do, not even close.

Also beware of companies that are adding all sorts of things to make up for the fact that their processed powder is too acidic, like calcium and oils among other things… these companies will tell you it is to “change the PH of the Aloe”Why is it so Acidic? What kind of quality are they starting with?,  is it the processing method they are using that produces an acidic powder,  so acidic they have to add calcium or oil to “change the PH” of the plant. Does this sound like “High quality”?… We don’t think so… but you decide for yourself. And for goodness sakes stay away from the “Gel Caps” they are the biggest scam out there in our opinion, they actually put OIL in the Gel cap with a tiny bit of Aloe Vera and try to sell it to our intelligent IC clients.

⇒ Our ICAloe® blend can STAND ALONE and work!  ICAloe® is not too acidic right from the start, No gimmicks needed, No Chalk needed (Calcium Carbonate),  No Sand needed (silicone dioxide), No Oil needed ( ALL GEL- CAPS HAVE OIL INSIDE ). If you need a High Quality Product with Calcium in it simply buy our AVC-100, it has been tested and proven to work since 2003 and was developed with a Holistic Nurse.

Are you still wondering if this product is right for you? …Ok… Think about this…

1.   If the product did not work, why would people keep buying it over and over for Interstitial Cystitis “flare ups” for 30 years?
2.   If the product did not work, do you really think we would be in business for 30 years?
3.   Lastly, You can try the product for only $15.45 plus shipping, so why not give it a try?… you are worth it.
Healthy Life Harvest

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