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  • If you are NOT already a client you must first place an order from our secure shop (click here). This way we have your credit card information for your autoship on file. All Autoships are set up AFTER you place your first order with us. If you need to update card information you must call us.
  • It’s simple, just fill out the form at the right and your Auto-ship will be set up to go out on the 1st day of every month, all Auto-Ship orders are charged the last week of each month so they arrive on time. 
  • Choose how often you would like your product shipped and the savings you would like to receive.
    • 1 or 2 Bottles ,  Every 1 or 2 Months  (Saves $5.00 per order)
    • 3 Bottles,  Every 3 Months (Saves $17.00 per order)
    • 6 Bottles,  Every 6 Months (Saves $23.00 per order)
You must be an existing customer to sign up for automatic shipments. 

When you sign up; Your products will ship automatically and you will receive $5.00 off every Auto-ship order for as long as you use our  Auto-Ship Program. Most people choose 3 bottles every 3 m
onths  to get the volume discount AND the 5 dollars off…

Volume discounts start when you have 3 or more large bottles on Auto-ship. You will ALWAYS get the $5.00 Auto-ship discount if you have at least ONE large bottle chosen; even if its once per year.
Auto-ship discount is not applied until your first scheduled Auto-ship is shipped out. Bottles smaller than 120 capsules receive no discount.
    If you have questions please email us here: