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  • Its simple, just fill out the form at the right and your Auto-ship will be set up to go out on the 1st day of every month, all Auto-Ship orders are charged the last week of each month so they arrive on time. 
  • Choose how often you would like your product shipped and the savings you would like to receive.
    • 1 or 2 Bottles ,  Every 1 or 2 Months  (Saves $5.00 per order)
    • 3 Bottles,  Every 3 Months (Saves $17.00 per order)
    • 6 Bottles,  Every 6 Months (Saves $23.00 per order)
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When you sign up; Your products will ship automatically and you will receive $5.00 off every Auto-ship order for as long as you use our  Auto-Ship Program. Most people choose 3 bottles every 3 m
onths  to get the volume discount AND the 5 dollars off…

Volume discounts start when you have 3 or more large bottles on Auto-ship. You will ALWAYS get the $5.00 Auto-ship discount if you have at least ONE large bottle chosen; even if its once per year.
Auto-ship discount is not applied until your first scheduled Auto-ship is shipped out. Bottles smaller than 120 capsules receive no discount.
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