Urinary Calm – 60 Capsules

Urinary Calm – 60 Capsules

Urinary Calm: This is a D-Mannose Supplement for Urinary Tract Support ;    60 Easy to swallow, Vegetarian Capsules.  (2 caps per serving)

This Dual action formula starts each serving with 600mg of D-Mannose to Cleanse & Flush the Urinary System. The second part of each serving is 200mg of our Clinically proven ICAloe blend that goes to work on soothing and comforting the urinary tract. 

These two things together assist the urinary tract by keeping down inflammation, calming spasms, gently cleansing and flushing the urinary system, the ICAloe has been reported to help with IC, IBS, Lupus,Fibro and Spasms in the colon. NO other product gives you all that and helps with Urinary Tract Issues too.



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