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          Healthy Life Harvest is a company that is a guided by faith and is truly a lighthouse of hope for Interstitial Cystitis sufferers throughout the world.
          Jill Wood (Founder of HLH) has had a myriad of health challenges over the past 40 years, including Fibromyalgia, EBV, Interstitial Cystitis, IBS, lupus-like syndrome and a few different types of cancers. After many surgeries in her 20’s and 30’s , including double mastectomy and radical hysterectomy, Jill turned to natural products and modalities to restore her life to wellness.
          She is an inspiration to all Interstitial Cystitis sufferers, because she would not stop until she found a way to relieve her debilitating pain, urinary frequency and urgency.

          The seeds of this company were planted when the founder was finally diagnosed with interstitial cystitis after seeing many doctors that told her it was a bladder infection, or it was all in her head, most doctors had no clue what Interstitial Cystitis was back then.
          When she finally had a name for the horrible disease attacking her bladder, She prayed, as she had done when facing all of her illnesses over the years, then she started to search for an answer that would help her to alleviate the pain and devastating symptoms of her Interstitial Cystitis.

          Please Note; there was NO internet in those times, the internet was not offered in our state until 1996, so when we say she searched, we mean this amazing woman had to research, meet with scientists and product developers and health professional from all over the world. She was also running a support group for women who suffered from breast cancer at this time.

          Her prayers were answered in 1991 by the discovery of a miracle. That miracle was the ICAloe®; Jill was the first woman in recorded history to ever take this type of Aloe Vera species for Interstitial Cystitis. She discovered that with continued use, her bladder pain and urinary frequency decreased until at last she was symptom free. This blessing fueled her passion to reach as many Interstitial Cystitis sufferers with her message of hope as she possibly could.
          In a few short months an alliance was made with product developers, scientists and formulators along with leading Aloe Vera experts to refine and develop a product using a very special blend of Aloe Vera, making sure to keep the essence of the Aloe Vera blend pure and powerful, using only organic Aloe Vera species and making sure all aspects of formulation were carefully crafted to create one of the most powerful products ever created – ICAloe®

          Jill started to distribute ICAloe® throughout the world with the help of a company she founded called Healthy Life Harvest.

Jill Wood

ICAloe® in 1991
Healthy Life Harvest in 1992

Healthy Life Harvest is the proud owner of the ICAloe® trademark

  • In Jill’s own words, “Why in the world would I ever stray from the product that gave me my life back?” 
  • Healthy Life Harvest has never strayed from the original ICAloe® blend that Jill Wood discovered in 1991 and used for her own Interstitial Cystitis, this is the only ICAloe® product that you will receive from Healthy Life Harvest.

Since that time our company has thrived from word of mouth advertising, as many IC sufferers experience miracles and continue to pass on the message of hope to others. The true testimony for the ICAloe® has been marked by our dedication and the many years that we have supplied recurring customers that have truly become our friends.

We are proud of the products that Healthy Life Harvest™ offers to its many customers and though we make no claims and give no medical advice, this company believes in miracles. Our hopefulness and continued support of I.C. sufferers does not make us a support group, but it does assist us to focus on the needs of those that are ready to try a new scientifically proven approach that assisted 85% of the study group in our original double blind placebo study.

Though we founded this company on the ICAloe®, Healthy Life Harvest™ has grown to supply a wide range of products to clients throughout the world, opening up our exposure to athletes, military personnel, soccer moms and a well-rounded clientele of health conscious individuals. Through these associations we have expanded our reach, but have never lost sight of our beginnings. ICAloe® is the heartbeat of our company and the hope it brings to those that are suffering will always remain the focus of our endeavors.

Ultimately one’s vision of health and vitality rests within the eyes of the beholder. Our hope for you is that your successes will surpass each of your goals and that Healthy Life Harvest™ will be able to play a defining role in that accomplishment.

Please feel free to browse through our site and to read the testimonials and our product information.

Expect Miracles!

A trip down memory lane 🙂

Have you ever wondered when a company started on the internet? Well, there is a way to find out and its kind of fun. Did you know the internet has been backed up since day one? Completely backed up and you can look at these backups any time you want!

Now because we have been around since before the internet was offered in our state, we cannot take you all the way back to our 1992 business, but you can see the first day we uploaded our site in 1999!

Back in 1992 we only sold by phone or by mail, However, when the internet came to our state in 1996 we started to figure out how this new contraption called the internet worked and with only a couple of web publishing software packages in existence, it was quite the challenge let me tell you.. but by 1999 we were on this new thing called “the net” with our very first website, still selling by phone, but people could see us and call us… Check it out.. ~ Remember, there was no google until 1998, so we were pioneers on a voyage into a new land 🙂                                      */

This link takes you to the internet archives were you can see if ANY website is legit and has actually been on the internet for a long time… Google started to log websites in late 1998 and ours was up in 1999, yea, it was not pretty, but hey, all we had to work with was adobe software  ~ Have fun and look up any site you want, this is a link to all of our websites over the last 20+ years.