One of the most important functions of minerals is to balance the pH in the body. The human body starts out in a slightly alkaline state, but over time becomes more and more acidic. All named and unnamed disease conditions have one thing in common: higher than normal accumulation of acidic waste in the body fluids. Typically, after the age of 35, more calcium and other minerals leave the body than come in. This produces a low pH state (acidic, oxygen deficient state) of declining health. Coral is a highly effective way to balance human body pH.

Why you need Coral Minerals:

It is overwhelmingly accepted among those in the medical field, such as doctors, nurses, scientists and major university professors that an alarming 157 diseases are caused by mineral deficiency. Minerals make up the basic foundation of health. Our soils have become depleted of minerals due to hundreds of years of farming, thus, our foods and our bodies have become mineral deficient. Coral naturally contains every mineral found in the human body and unlike most mineral supplements, coral minerals are easily absorbed and really work.

What is Coral?

A small sea animal creates coral by ingesting ionic ocean minerals and secreting them into coral formation. When the Earth's oceans where first formed, one of the first and most primitive organisms were the coral formations. Coral Reefs are even formed over many thousands of years. Some reefs build up into islands like Okinawa, Japan. These Reefs are gradually worn away by waves. The coral is biochemically altered as it mingles with the surrounding mineral and plant life on the seabed to contain all the mineral nutrients of the sea. The result is a source of powerful nutrients known throughout the world as Coral Calcium.

The natural balance of over 70 minerals is important because each mineral requires other minerals to do its job and in turn, those minerals require different supporting minerals. All minerals must be present for any one mineral to work properly.

The organic nature of coral minerals is also important. It is very difficult to assimilate minerals, especially inorganic minerals. Organic Coral Minerals are highly bio-available and easy to assimilate.

What makes the coral minerals so easy to assimilate is their propensity to become ionic upon contact with moisture. This natural ability to become ionic combined with the full spectrum, organic formation of coral, makes coral one of the most beneficial source of minerals available.

What are Minerals?

Minerals are the basic foundation for health. From our bones to the multitude of enzymatic activities within and without our cells, minerals are the key that opens the door to optimum health.

Calcium is involved in almost every biological function of the human body. This incredible mineral provides the electrical energy for the heart to beat and for all muscle movement. It is the calcium ion that is responsible for feeding every cell in your body. Calcium plays a crucial biological role in DNA replication which is essential in maintaining youth, a healthy body and is the basis for ALL body repairs. This means low calcium or low absorption of calcium leads to low body repair and premature aging.
By replacing missing minerals within the human body Healthy Life Harvest™ Coral Calcium assists to bring overall mineral levels up, thereby assisting the pH of the body fluids and tissues helping them to return to their natural Healthy levels. A high pH (alkaline) is important because most disease thrives in a low pH (acidic) environment. Healthy Life Harvest™ Coral Calcium contains every mineral needed by the body and is known for its synergistic relationship with the body.

Above sea coral bed

A superior calcium supplement with 73 readily absorbable minerals. Eco safe coral from Okinawa is the fastest moving product in the health supplement industry. Here's why:

Absorbable minerals are the key. Most mineral supplements are no absorbed. Coral minerals are readily absorbed because:

  • Full Spectrum: Coral naturally contains every mineral needed by the human body (74 minerals) in similar proportions as the human body. Having all minerals present is important because every mineral requires other minerals to be present in order to do its job. Minerals work best when all minerals are present.
  • Organic: Coral minerals have been previously digested by an animal (the coral polyp). This digestion process changes the sea minerals into an organic form that makes the coral minerals much easier for the body to absorb.
  • Ionic: Coral minerals have the natural ability to become ionic upon contact with moisture. Ionic is the form the body needs for absorption.

When the absorbable coral minerals enter the body, wonderful things may happen:

pH: Being rich in absorbable calcium, coral is an excellent calcium supplement, but pH is even more important. Coral minerals work effectively to return the body pH to its natural healthy alkaline level. Disease thrives in an acid environment and many health improvements are achieved by raising body pH.

Trace Mineral Deficiencies: Naturally containing every mineral needed by the human body, coral minerals can satisfy problem causing trace mineral deficiencies that are virtually impossible for a Doctor to diagnose. Our soils have become depleted of trace minerals. If the minerals are not in the soils, they are not in our food and not in our body. 157 diseases are linked to trace mineral deficiency.


Eco-Safe: This coral is harvested from an above sea source. The ocean is never touched. The reef is never harmed. Taking dead coral from the ocean hurts the living coral reef. The dead coral around the reef is where the coral larvae begin life. Please help protect the reef, use only above sea coral that was pushed up above the ocean thousands of years ago. Only ECO-Safe!


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