Why did we decide to add Fossilized Minerals to our Original Aloe Vera formula?

Our primary reason for formulating the new AVC-100 Aloe Vera was based on the success of the founder of Healthy Life Harvest™ with her own health issues and the success she and a great number of our clients have experienced over the last 10 years, when they utilized both the high quality Original Formula Aloe Vera and our resources of ancient fossilized minerals.

We were approached in 1998, by one of the leading authorities on fossilized minerals, with a source for superior grade coral, made from real coral not coral sand. Using real coral that was created by God thousands of years before pollution, we are able to provide a supplement that has the minerals needed to assist the body on its journey to wellness. Now we are actively marketing our superior grade fossilized minerals throughout the world, as well as our other quality products. We believe this formula is a gift from the creator and the purest on the market; having no anti-caking agents, rice hull fillers, or other such substances used to generate a full capsule for less money.

The following is a summery of the AVC-100 product with fossilized minerals.

Aloe Vera
Our Aloe Vera formula has already been tested and shown to aid many individuals as it sooths and help assist the body's own natural healing process. Aloe Vera is reported to be a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent. Healthy Life Harvest™ freeze-dried Aloe Vera from the whole plant, with no heat treatment, has already assisted many who suffer with ailments such as inflammation, bowel disorders, digestion problems, Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis.

Ionic Fossilized Coral: Only above Sea, purified REAL Coral is used!
The Calcium and trace minerals found in ionic fossilized minerals are believed to assist the body's pH balance (alkaline properties) as well as to promote nerve conduction, muscle conduction, enzyme regulation, and membrane permeability.

Magnesium's many functions include aiding the transformation of food into energy and assisting the transmission of electrical impulses across nerves and muscles.

Natural Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus as well as other minerals. It assists the kidneys with re-absorption of certain minerals. The liver and kidney help to convert Vitamin D to its active hormone form. The major biologic function of Vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus.

Over 60 Trace Minerals:
Trace minerals are responsible for nearly every function within the human body in some way. These numerous trace minerals are naturally occurring in our ancient ionic Fossilized Minerals, as opposed to elemental calcium, calcium citrate or any other form of calcium in the world that we are aware of. The benefits of trace minerals in relation to the human body are far too numerous to address here. Enzymes, nerve function and almost every internal action required by the human body have been found to rely on minerals in some way for proper function.

Aloe Vera and Digestion

Maintaining a healthy digestion is one of the key factors to good health. The ability to digest and assimilate nutrients is of the utmost importance when it comes to nourishing our cells.

Stressful lifestyles of today, with "fast" foods, and the high use of antibiotics, are all contributing factors that may create an imbalance in gut flora causing, fermentation and increased acidity in our digestive tracts. Fermentation of foods within the digestive tracts, can lead to indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, gastric and duodenal ulcers, inflammation and mild to extreme bowel conditions.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the most common disorder of the bowel, and is characterized by symptoms such as abdominal pain, excessive flatulence, alternating constipation and diarrhea as well as indigestion. The cause is not understood completely at this time however, the number of women sufferers outnumber men.

Aloe Vera and Inflammation
Healthy Life Harvest™ Aloe Vera has been reported to show remarkable effects as a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve the symptoms of a wide range of conditions including joint stiffness and associated conditions along with bladder conditions such as Interstitial Cystitis.

Many people with stiff joints and associated conditions are continuously amazed at the increased mobility and reduction in joint discomfort they expedience by maintaining a regular intake of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera also contains at least three anti-inflammatory fatty acids, making Aloe Vera an effective treatment for burns, cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. In addition to the external benefits, Aloe Vera has been traditionally used as far back as Ancient Egypt as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, and ulcers of all kinds, both internal and external. When processed correctly, the powder maintains high levels of certain properties believed to be highly beneficial to the human health and healing. The soothing effects of our high quality Aloe Vera begin in the stomach, after the capsule has dissolved; where it works its magic making its way through the digestive system of the body. Although the aloe vera plant holds many mysteries, we have made great strides in capturing the plant's fullest potential through leaf processing techniques. Healthy Life Harvest™ uses a proprietary process which eliminates contaminants, and removes Aloin and Aloe Emodin (which cause diarrhea). The result is a magnificent product that is second to none.
Feel the Power of Healthy Life Harvest™ Aloe!
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Natural AVC-100
"Pure and Powerful"™

Healthy Life Harvest™ Aloe Vera has been described as a potent natural product which the body easily recognizes.

Healthy Life Harvest™ Aloe Vera maintains its synergistic blend of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes which can be a very powerful force in assisting the body to heal itself. It is the natural blend of nutrients working synergistically that helps explain the beneficial effects attributed to our Aloe Vera Formula, as well as its ability to bring about balance (which is why it may help one person with constipation and another with diarrhea). According to a leading U.S. Nutritionist, the key to Aloe Vera's power is the abundance of a particular nutrient, mucopolysaccharides (MPS), one of the components believed to be considered part of the body's building blocks. The human body manufactures these MPS on its own, in great quantities during our first decade of life after which we become more reliant on outside sources. Natural Health practitioners believe a lack of MPS creates a leaky gut wall which lets through toxins and other large food molecules, overloading our liver and detoxification processes, ultimately leading to allergies, inflammation, dry and scaly skin conditions and digestive disorders.

While there is no scientific analysis to fully explain the exceptional healing properties attributed to Aloe Vera, one thing all researchers agree upon is that no single active principal is responsible for the amazing powers of high quality Aloe Vera. It works synergistically to stimulate the natural healing mechanisms of the body.
Aloe Vera is rich in enzymes, often missing in today's over-processed foods. Taken internally Aloe Vera appears to improve digestion and the absorption of nutrients, as well as elimination.

Healthy Life Harvest™ Aloe Vera is deeply penetrating, working first on the digestive system with its soothing powers and then moves on to other systems, gradually helping the body to restore balance to overworked, sluggish and inflamed areas. In time, good health starts to show on the outside as well, with reports of increased energy and improved skin conditions from some of our clients.

The aloe vera plant produces at least six antiseptic agents: these six substances are recognized as antiseptics, because together they exhibit antimicrobial activity. Aloe Vera also contains at least three anti-inflammatory fatty acids, making Aloe Vera an effective treatment for burns, cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. Healthy Life Harvest™ Aloe Vera powder maintains high levels of MSP and other particular properties believed to be highly beneficial to human health and healing. The aloe plant is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antifungal agent but...only when used in its leaf form.

Healthy Life Harvest

Natural AVC-100
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